In her latest starring role...

Our Swisse Global Ambassador, and award-winning actress Nicole Kidman.

Taking some well-earned down-time away from her fast-paced A-list lifestyle, we saw a very different Nicole, as she relaxed and recharged, on location with Swisse. In the garden, and in gumboots Nicole showed us how she unwinds and embraces health and happiness to achieve balance away from the public eye.

Terrara House Estate, an historic rural property in the NSW Southern Highlands provided a stunning backdrop to our shoot with Nicole. Serene, leafy and intimate, the setting was perfect to capture a relaxed, carefree Nicole, different to what we have seen before.

Watch our latest campaign, featuring Nicole Kidman and filmed by
acclaimed director and cinematographer John Urbano

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Natural beauty

Nicole embodies timeless beauty in this flowing, off-white dress
Get to know the talented creative team behind the Nicole Kidman shoot - and how they live healthy, be happy

Renowned photographer and director John Urbano teamed up with Swisse to create the wellness brand’s first campaign for its Global Ambassador Nicole Kidman, at the personal request of the leading lady.

John’s body of work encompasses international print and TV campaigns, including advertisements for Madewell and Converse, and film clips for Justin Timberlake and One Direction. His documentary Beauty of the Flight has been awarded Best Documentary and Best Cinematography at international film festivals.

The one moment I’ll never forget was shooting Nicole in a field. It started to drizzle, the sky turned a deep blue, and a soft golden glow focused on Nicole. A rainbow appeared, becoming a perfect backdrop for our film. It was truly a special moment.
Lizzy Gardiner

Lizzy Gardiner has amassed incredible success as a costume designer and stylist, winning an Academy Award and creating a name for herself thanks to her work on The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Lizzy was thrilled to work with Nicole Kidman for the Swisse campaign, saying, “It was one of the most relaxed shoots I have ever worked on.”

“Nicole is my favourite muse. Nicole is intelligent and beautiful. What more could I ask for?”

I travel all the time so keeping up a healthy lifestyle is a real challenge.

Lizzy goes on to tell us, “I know I need supplements because I always feel so much better when I take them. Swisse Hair Skin and Nails is also a favourite”.

Hair stylist to international stars including Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss, Giselle Bundchen and Elle McPherson, Alan White’s repertoire spans editorial, advertising and film.

Alan says of working on the Swisse shoot, “Nicole is the ultimate professional. She is always a pleasure to work with.

“The whole two days were full of laughing, special moments and a very relaxed atmosphere.”

I always try to find a balance between work and play. I love the outdoors and spending time with my family.

Alan adds, “I’ve recently started using Swisse products – so far I am feeling great and have loads of energy!”

With over 20 years experience, Liz Kelsh has charmed a long and worthy list of fashion’s elite with her warm persona and impeccable hand at make-up artistry. Her charm and quick wit has led her to work with a who’s who of Hollywood, such as Jennifer Aniston and Cate Blanchett, and publications such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair.

Of the Swisse shoot with Nicole, Liz tells us, “The locations were beautiful, however the morning light on Day 2 at 7 Mile Beach was stunning! The view was definitely worth the early start.”

“Shooting on location and irregular hours can take its toll, so I like to balance with Pilates and a mental chillax doing the Bondi to Bronte walk.”
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Australian First: Nicole stars for Swisse

Nicole Kidman, Oscar-winning actress and the first global ambassador for Swisse, stars in her first TV commercial for the wellness brand.

Swisse partners with Ellen

We can't wait to welcome Ellen to our shores! See how it all began.

Global partnership with Nicole Kidman

"I joined Swisse because I wanted to help bring awareness to the importance of living a healthy lifestyle."

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